American Red Cross
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    American Red Cross

    Updated March 17, 2016

    The American Red Cross helps prepare communities for emergencies and keep people safe every day thanks to caring people who support our work.

    Natural Disaster Relief Fund

    The purpose of the American Red Cross Natural Disaster Relief Fund is to provide relief to victims of natural disasters. Each year, thousands of people, in areas around the country, are affected by powerful disruptive disasters such as tornadoes, floods, fires, hurricanes and earthquakes. The Red Cross is synonymous with lending a much-needed helping hand in these difficult situations.

    As a national company with members in more than 5,000 domestic locations, it's no surprise that members of our own Ace family have experienced the often-devastating effects of a natural disaster. The Ace Hardware Foundation is proud to partner with the American Red Cross to support our neighbors in times of need.

    If you have questions regarding either type of these sponsorship opportunities, please don't hesitate in calling the Ace Foundation at 630-990-6913.

    Questions? Contact Ace Foundation at 630-990-6921 with questions.