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          Ace's Commitment to Electronic Data Interchange

          Ace Hardware feels that electronic data interchange (EDI) is essential to maintaining our competitive advantage. Our commitment to EDI covers all aspects of our relationship with our vendor partners, including:

          • Electronic transmission of purchase orders.
          • Receipt of Advance Ship Notices, which streamline order processing and expediting.
          • Sharing of Stock Status, helping you preplan for Ace Hardware’s Purchase orders.
          • Electronic processing of vendor invoices.
          • Payment of vendor invoices electronically via EFT and Remittance Advice Data.

          For more information on Ace Hardware’s EDI program, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions found on this website or review Ace Hardware’s Vendor Manual. EDI is one of our highest corporate priorities for the years ahead. Help us achieve our objectives and in return build on our long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.


          850 Purchase Order Map

          856 Advanced Ship Notice Map

          810 Invoice Map

          820 Remittance Advice Map

          864 Text Message Map

          812 Credit / Debit Adjustment Map

          852 Product Activity Data Map