Becoming an Ace Import Supplier

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          Becoming an Ace Import Supplier

          • Become Familiar with Ace Hardware’s Processes:
            Before deciding to conduct business with Ace Hardware, ensure your company can meet Ace Hardware’s expectations set forth in the Vendor Manual and on Click here to access a copy of the Vendor Manual.
          • Gain approval from the Ace Merchant.
            Every new vendor request is reviewed by Ace’s merchandising department, and vendors Ace decides to pursue will be contacted by a member of Ace’s merchandising department. Please note: due to the volume of new vendor requests, Ace will only contact those vendors it wishes to pursue. We appreciate your understanding.
          • Complete and return all the necessary forms:
            The Ace Merchant will provide the necessary forms for your company to complete if they decide to conduct business with your company. Vendors must complete the forms and submit to the Ace Merchant, who will verify all information is correct and accurate.
          • Wait for an Ace Hardware vendor number to be assigned:
            Vendors will receive an email once a vendor number has been assigned. The time it takes Ace to assign a vendor number may vary depending on the verification process, or if Ace requires additional follow up from the vendor.

          Becoming an Ace Import Vendor is a process that typically begins with the Domestic Merchant. If you do not have a Domestic Merchant, contact for assistance in this process.