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          User ID & Access Request

          Please allow up to 5 business days to process your request. Please note you must have an Ace assigned unique vendor number to request access.

          Describe yourself:


          Access to Ace Hardware's Transportation Management System (BluJay Logistics)
          is only for collect vendors shipping to a Retail Support Center. Are you a collect
          vendor needing access to BluJay Logistics?

          Yes No

          Your Vendor Information

          First name:

          Last name:

          Company name:

          Vendor number: Enter numerals only – up to 5 digits

          E-mail address:

          Ship from City:

          Ship from State:

          Ship from Zip: Numbers only. (ex:63099)

          Phone number: Numbers only. (ex:6309901234)

          Ext: Numbers only. (ex:1234)

          Fax #: Numbers only. (ex:6309901234)

          Having trouble submitting this form?

          Download and fill out the ID Request form. Then submit by e-mail to

          Note: The form may take a few seconds to load the text fields.

          If you have any questions, please contact the Ace Vendor Support Center at 630-990-2777 or